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Social Token - the idea

After some brainstorming and joint exchanges between the BPS team and Krypto Suisse AG (KS AG) in the weeks from August to the end of October 2021, the experts from KS AG came up with the idea of creating a token.

At first, we (Lars and Axel) were a bit skeptical – “yet another coin” – “what’s the point” -,etc.. But after we had understood the concept behind the idea, we were immediately on fire and signaled the KS AG group our full support in the implementation.

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Social Project supported

1,2 Mio

Loyalty Program

7,9 Mrd

Social Token

Our goal

With your support it is possible to help needy and distressed people and animals worldwide. The income is generated by DeFi. The income is available for the humanitarian projects without touching the original liquidity.

This gives us the opportunity to provide continuous help to make a better life possible.

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If you would like to know more about the Social Token project or would like to help, please contact us.


The Social Token has now been created and is represented with the abbreviation SOT. The division for Loyalty Action, Presale and the rest has also been made. The first project has now been selected.