Sale promotion

  • the Social Token is available for 0.50 cents.
  • e.g. for 500€ you will get 1.000 Social Token
  • Transfer also possible in BTC or USDT (TRC20); see the process on the right.

Social Token Buy Form

Social Token - Purchasing steps

Step 1:

  • For an English version of the FvL purchase contract please contact us per contact form.
  • Read through the purchase contract and “accept” it in the form on the left (this will automatically send the contract with your data to the FvL / us and to you).
  • transfer the Euro amount to the bank account mentioned in the purchase contract.
  • you can also transfer in USDT (TRC20) or BTC
  • BTC address: 352YTis6VkbUjtGbN9tfShXXaKM6Tz3bdN
  • USDT: TUDZ33MdXKN6VF4c7fBDMzRXivfCGygems
  • ATTENTION: please enter the correct reason for EURO transfer and FvL (not Krypto Suisse) as recipient !!!
  • Please enter the crypto amount on the left if the transfer was made with crypto.

Step 2:

  • please send us an email with your contact data using the contact form !!!
  • as soon as your payment has been received, we will send you an email confirmation.