What is the Social Token?

The Social Token is the first social decentralised project that generates liquidity through fixed assets. The liquidity is deposited and secured in decentralised blockchains and their protocols.
The generated income is made available to humanitarian institutions and purposes at regular intervals without affecting the basic liquidity.
Basic liquidity, i.e. the basic assets, are built up through the sale of the social token. In addition, the basic assets will be increased through donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

What is the point of the Social Token?

Our goal is to generate liquidity for and support humanitarian projects. Revenues are
generated without the use of fiat currency in cryptocurrency trading.
Furthermore, with the help of the Social Token, it is possible to receive cryptocurrency as a donation for any humanitarian and social
and social organisations, to invest and manage them.
Depending on the agreement, the donations or the generated liquidity in the form of cryptocurrency or fiat currency will be transferred to the organisations as a donation.
currency, will be transferred to the organisations as a donation via trustees or a trust.

How can you profit from the Social Token?

It is possible to have fiat currency exchanged for cryptocurrency through various exchanges and trustees.
In return, the social token can be delivered to a wallet address or held in an escrow account.
No social token is delivered in the case of donations.

The social token is backed by liquidity. However, there is
to this liquidity through the possession of the Social Token. Neither does trading on centralised or decentralised exchanges on the crypto market.
A market value for the Social Token is neither predicted nor guaranteed. However, it is possible to participate in price fluctuations by owning the Social Token and trading it.

Humanitarian Coin Offering

  • Social Token (Social and Transparent)
  • Official domain is social-token.eu
  • Community domain is social-token.cc
  • 100% of the proceeds from token sales go to DeFi
  • Planned issue price on the stock exchange 1 token = 1 USDT
  • Number and distribution of tokens, a number of 7.9 billion tokens have been issued.
    World population as of 27.11.2021 https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/
  • 100 million tokens are held by the Bitcoinpos team for their community 
  • 400 million tokens are available for distribution activities and purchase against fiat currency via a
    trust asset manager.
  • 400 million tokens are available for an HCO, a Humanitarian Coin Offering, via cryptocurrency.
  • 7 billion tokens are blocked until further notice.
  • Status 30.11.2021

Sale Social Token

  • 1 token – 0,50 cent
    Minimum amount 500 €
  • Example: 500 € is 1000 Token
  • Number unlimited
  • ideal for all who want to make a social investment
  • Companies and private individuals
    IBAN connection on request
  • click here for the purchase form
  • all info about the purchase of the Social Token to download
Who created the Social Token?

The Social Token was created by the founders of Krypto Suisse AG, Be Globe AG (formerly Horizon Global) and the Bitcoinpos team.
the founders of the Bitcoinpos team. The common ground of all participants is a decade of
long commitment in social areas.

Details of the blockchain

The BNB Blockchain was chosen because of the favourable cost structure for trading and transfer.
The social token is based on a source code that is published (at the following address) and can therefore be viewed.

By choosing the BNB Blockchain, everyone has the possibility to receive, store, trade or send the token in Metamask, TrustWallet etc.. Metamask and Trustwallet are freely available and decentralised. The costs for programming were borne by the founders.

Further details on the blockchains in which the liquidity is deposited, as well as the receiving and trading addresses of the blockchain, are provided.
Trading addresses of the blockchain are publicly available at https://social-token.eu